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The Year of Morsmorde

A Sixth Year RPG

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Welcome to The Year of Morsmorde, a sixth year RPG community.

The story begins now, in the summer of 1996, less than a month before the Hogwarts Express rolls into King's Cross on September 1st. The atmosphere in the wizarding world has changed significantly. There have been attacks and deaths over the summer. Things at the Ministry of Magic have been turbulent. In early July, Cornelius Fudge left his office, giving in to the enormous demand for his resignation. Dumbledore has been filling in the job since then, but has made it clear that his term will last only until the first day of school. The rate of murder of Muggles by wizards is at a fifteen-year high. And, most worryingly of all, every night, the dark mark can be seen in the sky, giving the summer its name: "the summer of Morsmorde".

Even for students at Hogwarts have to deal with new worries. This year, they have to deal with the distractions of stronger inter-house rivalries than ever, the possibility of no Quidditch, and a new schoolwide Muggle Studies journal project designed to promote understanding of the Muggle lifestyle and unity amongst the students, which is turning out to be more trouble than it's worth. Meanwhile, the threat of an attack on the school looms ever lower over the castle, and the fear lurking in nearly everyone's mind is that this school year will indeed become the year of Morsmorde.

Rules (discussion of which can be found at morsmorde_ooc)
  1. Stay in character at all times. No exceptions. Contact a prefect with any questions.
  2. You control only your character--- do not control any characters besides your own without permission. The only exception to this is if the character is not taken. Then you can use them--- but only in a minor way, such as: "Harry yawned. Professor Binns was lecturing about a troll rebellion, but it was too boring to pay attention to." or "Pansy danced all night, first with a handsome seventh year, but then with a fifth year she barely knew.", etc. No auto-rp either--- you can make a character practice Quidditch, but you can't make the whole team do so. Another exception to this is posts that do not take place at Hogwarts. Characters can talk about their parents, family, and friends from home, as long as none of those characters are represented in this RP.
  3. As a RPer, you are expected to maintain a journal for your character, post at least weekly, and read and comment on other members' journals. An explanation of the journals and other posts is below.
  4. You are allowed to explore any and all romantic pairings you wish (including slash), but please keep it realistic in terms of the canon--- if there is little solid evidence for the pairing (example: Harry/Draco), think twice before using it.
  5. Please LJ-cut extremely long entries or entries with content rated above PG-13.
  6. All aspects of canon up to Book V will be upheld, including character deaths AND ages.
  7. You may only play two characters at the most. They must each have their own journal, and should each post up to standard set for all RPers. Only play two characters if you are absolutely positive that you can handle it. Moderators will make the final decision on this.
  8. Remember, we're all here because we love the Harry Potter books and characters. Please do your best to portray them accurately.

Explanation of journals and other posts

Journals: You are required to keep a LiveJournal specifically for your character. The name of the journal should reflect somehow on your character's personality. (If you don't have a code for this journal, request one at morsmorde_ooc after I have approved your application.) These entries need be no specific length, but should be updated at least once a week. The journal entries should be in first person. Visit hermione_grngr's journal for a good example. RPers are expected to visit other characters' journals and comment, also in first person.

Story Posts: These entries are to be posted to yearofmorsmorde. They are written in third person. The posts begin stories, which are continued by other characters in comments, also written in third person. You are required to post at least one of these a week.

Owls: These entries are also to be made in yearofmorsmorde. These posts are to be written as letters or notes, and are directed at a specific character or group of characters (examples: "Owl to a Prefect", "Owl to the Slytherins"). The post can be read by everyone, but only the person/people to whom it was directed may reply. If sending an owl back, reply in the comment box. Owls can also be used to hold conferences of sorts between members of a group (examples: "Owl to all Gryffindors", "Owl to D.A. members" with the replies being by members of the group). The subject line for owls should be "Owl to (name of recipient)". Owls must be LJ-cut!

Daily Prophet Posts: Only moderators (prefects) can make these posts. These posts will be used to set a backdrop for the events occuring at Hogwarts. They will be written in the style of a newspaper article, and posted by the moderators on their regular LJ username. These posts will always be named: "The Daily Prophet (insert date)" with the headline labeling a LJ-cut.

How to Apply

Before applying, check the list at the bottom of the bottom of the page to see if the character you want is free. If so, fill out this application, and send it to one of our lovely mods. The application is mainly so we can keep up with who's joined--- it is unlikely that you will not be accepted.

Character you wish to play:
Do you have a LiveJournal for this character?
If so, what is the username?
Write a short sample paragraph (3-5 sentences) for your character's journal:
Write a short sample paragraph from a "story" post for your character:
Personal LJ username:
Personal email:

Characters List:(House lists include seventh, sixth, and fifth years) (* denotes a character desperately needed)

Harry Potter: seekerpotter
Ron Weasley: redhairedron
Hermione Granger: hermione_grngr
*Neville Longbottom:
Seamus Finnigan: seamus_finn_
*Dean Thomas:
*Lavender Brown:
*Parvati Patil:
Ginny Weasley: youngestweasley
Colin Creevey:

Draco Malfoy: youngdragon
Vincent Crabbe: vincentngregory
*Gregory Goyle:
Pansy Parkinson: precious_pansy
Millicent Bulstrode:
Blaise Zabini:
Theodore Nott:
Daphne Greengrass:

Cho Chang: cho_the_raven
Marietta Edgecombe:
Padma Patil:
Terry Boot:
Mandy Brocklehurst:
Kevin Entwhistle:
Anthony Goldstein:
Micheal Corner:
Luna Lovegood: crazyluna

Justin Finch-Fletchley:
*Ernie Macmillan:
Hannah Abbot:
Eloise Midgen:
*Susan Bones:
Zacharias Smith:

hermione_grngr Email
precious_pansy Email

Visit our OOC community at morsmorde_ooc!