Crabbe's State Of Mind (vincentngregory) wrote in yearofmorsmorde,
Crabbe's State Of Mind

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Desperatly Seeking Draco

Having wandered around for a few hours, Crabbe was bored. More bored than usual, the kinda bored were watching paint dry would be an amazing experience. Suddenly looking at one of the open arched windows he couldnt believe what he saw. Attempting to creep forward he lunged forward catching the small creature. Quickly wrapping it up in his robes, he ran down the corridor narrowly missing Professor Snape. He continued to run looking desperately for Draco so he could show off what he had found.

Running towards the outside he spotted Draco with who he thought was Luna, but wasnt really sure. Running foward he shouted DRACO before tripping and rolling the last few feet stopping at Draco's feet.

" Here look what i found... its cool.." Crabbe grinned up at Draco then unwrapped his robe.
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