Ginny Weasley (youngestweasley) wrote in yearofmorsmorde,
Ginny Weasley

It was another early morning in Ottery St. Catchpole, and at least one person was awake. As Ginny Weasley came jogging back into the Burrow and poured herself a glass of water, she considered the options before her. She was getting a little tired of hanging around the house all the time; it had been novel and given her the sense of power at first, but some of the fun was definitely wearing off. Beginning her post-jog stretch, the bottom cupboard caught Ginny's eye. It was the cupboard where the flowerpot with the Floo powder was stored, and it gave her an idea. "Brilliant!" she muttered to herself. Straightening up again, she ran up to the fifth floor, entered Ron's room, unlocked Pigwidgeon's cage, and let the twittering little owl follow her eagerly down to her room on the third floor. Her brother would never know she'd used his owl; Pig would be back before Ron was.

Ginny scrawled the following words on a scrap of parchment:

Hello Fred and George. Not a word to Mum and Dad, but I might be coming to Diagon Alley tomorrow to visit you at your shop tomorrow, if it's all right with you. I just can't stand another day alone in the Burrow. Send Pigwidgeon back with an answer as soon as possible!

Love, Ginny.

Ginny smiled as she waved Pigwidgeon, bearing the small piece of parchment, out of the window.
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