Harry Potter (seekerpotter) wrote in yearofmorsmorde,
Harry Potter

Waking up. Slowly.

qUiDitCHgurl9018: hey troy kicks ar$e!!!!!111
coolguy1120455: no u laem
qUiDitCHgurl9018: no u r

Fights in chatrooms weren't realistic unless they were written in something vaguely reminiscent of English. That's why Harry got up from Dudley's computer instead of staying to watch the carnage. He stumbled down the stairs and into the Dursley's deserted kitchen, bright with molded countertops and pale curtains. He felt his face, which was stale as straw, as he had just subjected himself to two hours of radiation from Dudley's PC. Someone had once told him he best beware Muggle appliances, but he hadn't taken them seriously at the time. Now he saw: those things were dangerous. Once they had you, they never let go. Harry guessed that Muggles needed something like those gadgets to threaten their sanity when needed, as they had no dementors accessible.

He turned on the water, catching it in fistfuls before smearing it into his eyes. He did it again with a carelessness out of character for a Hogwarts seeker, and he straightened his legs as an afterthought. As he dried his face, he hunted for his reflection in the mirror on the far wall. He found it, flowered and dainty and high, for his aunt had a long neck and didn't want to slouch to check her face.

The mirror was brutal. He had splotches of red strain under each eye, unusually brown lips and a few wet strands of hair that clung to his forehead, which he wrung with his sleeve. It was time to start thinking ahead, he realized. It was the only way he could pull himself out of the "relaxation time" he had let himself take. It wasn't a pleasure anymore. Too much of anything is liable to get on one's nerves, he thought. Hogwarts was a balance of both study and light activity. The important thing about it was that he was always active. When he was active, he felt better, smarter, more vital than when he was not. He needed to find some way to imitate the Hogwarts schedule.

He heard the knob rattling and the clumsy guffaws of his cousin Dudley. Harry didn't feel like a battle today. Without bothering to dry his hands, he sprinted up the stairs, meaning to find something exciting to do when he reached the top.
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