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The Train To Hogwarts

Luna woke up as the alarm clock beside her beeped a tune by the Weird Sisters. She turned it off and rubbed her eyes until they came into focus. She looked at her Hogwart robes and gave a gentle sigh and tried to smile but all that came out was one that was nervous and shy. How was she going to cope this year when most people saw her as someone weird and this year was more important, it was her OWL year she needed to do well for what she wanted to do in her life. She wanted to work for the Department of Mysteries. Her slight glimpse of that place was fascinating to her and full of items that her family had theorised for years but never had found the evidence to back it up. What she saw was the proof that she wasnt crazy at all and that her parents were simply ahead of their time. But for her to have a career with the ministry she needed lots of Outstandings in both her OWLs and NEWTs.

A thought suddenly cropped through her mind she cant wear her school robes as she was catching a taxi to Charing Cross Station. She changed into her ordinary clothes then took her luggage all the way down to bottom floor into the Leaky Cauldron. She gave the Owner a tip for his kind hospitality and then continued to walk outside of the building into the Muggle world. She quite easily called from a pay phone box a taxi number and then paid the driver Muggle money. Luna never had a problem with this as her parents had both brought her up in both the magical and muggle world.

She carefully leaned on the entrance at Charing Cross Station waiting for people to look away or walk away from what they were doing before stepping backwards through the wall and into Platform 9 3/4. She let out a big yelp as she bumped into....
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