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Cho woke up on the sunny first day of September to her mirror shouting at her. "Get up, dear! You're going to miss the train!" It waited some..."UP WITH YOU! NOW! IT'S ALMOST HALF PAST TEN!" At these words, Cho sat bolt upright as the mirror grumbled, "Oh, now you're up, after I've already got a sore throat." Cho glared at it as she shook her head. What had it said? Half past ten?! "Oh no!" she exclaimed. Cho rushed around once again throwing things haphazardly into her where had she left her dressing gown? She got to her feet and strode quickly down the hall of the upstairs of the Leaky Cauldron, towards the only bathroom on the floor. Perhaps she'd left it in there after she'd taken her bath the night before. Aha! There it was, hanging right behind the door. "Right," she thought, "now I've only got to pack my books, run down to the shops and get some new quills and ink, and then I'll be ready." Cho hated to be late for anything, and this was one of those things that she honestly couldn't be late for. On the way back to her room, she greeted Luna in passing who was apparently already making her way downstairs for breakfast, lugging her trunk backwards towards the stairs. Once in her room, Cho stacked her books into her trunk, took one last gaze around, and decided she was all packed (aside from what she needed to get, of course). She would have done it yesterday, but that trip to London with her aunt was just spectacular. It was amazing, in fact. She had gotten her hair done at a Muggle was interesting, to say the least. Cho thought that she could have done a better job with her own wand than the woman had done with all those instruments, but the experience was well worth it. Suddenly, and idea sprang into Cho's head as her stomach began to rumble. She could (technically speaking) kill two birds with one stone if she called the Inn's house-elf to do her errand for her. She could eat breakfast, and still get her quills and ink. "Jinkley!" she called as she peeped her head out the door. She turned her head both ways to look up and down the hall. "Jinkley!" called Cho once more. Suddenly the little creature came scampering down the hall, an eager, yet hurried expression on his face. "Yes, miss. Jinkley is here, miss. What can Jinkley do for miss this morning?" he squeaked. "Jinkley, thank goodness you're here. I need you to go down to the shops for me and get me two goose feather quills and five bottles of purple ink," said Cho as she pulled 4 galleons and 12 sickles out of her pocket and handed them to the elf, "can you do that for me? I would do it myself, but I'm in a terrible rush and I'm absolutely starving." The elf nodded its head vigorously up and down with a large grin, so much so that Cho almost thought that his head might fall off and roll away. "Yes miss, of course Jinkley can! Jinkley will be back in a flash with your things, miss!" And with a crack like a whip and a tiny wisp of smoke, he was gone. With one last swipe of her brush through her ebony hair, Cho turned to get her trunk and go down the stairs, when a sudden *CRACK* startled her. "Jinkley is back, miss!" squeaked the little elf as he held out a green paper bag to her. "Thank you very much Jinkley," said Cho sweetly, as she packed the bag away and shut her trunk. As she lugged it down the stairs, she thought "When he said 'back in a flash' he wasn't kidding. What an efficient little house-elf." Cho scarfed down some toast and jam while her Aunt prepared to take her to King's Cross and see her off.

When they were safely on platform 9 3/4 (with three minutes to spare) Cho hugged her aunt and they said their goodbyes. She spotted a familiar head of blonde hair stalking off towards a compartment door. She put her trunk into the train and ran off to greet Draco.
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