Luna Lovegood (crazyluna) wrote in yearofmorsmorde,
Luna Lovegood

Diagon Alley

Luna Lovegood woke up to the morning hoots of her owl with a message from Ginny Weasley. She gently unties the note from his leg before feeding him a treat and putting him on his perch. She screams as she looks at the clock another late start she was suppose to wake up over an hour ago. After a quick wash and change into her favourite purple robes she runs downstairs to greet her father and have breakfast. It was a quiet breakfast as both were in a dream like state (family trate) Luna was dreaming about going to Diagon Alley a welcome change from the norm and all the freedoms that any 15 year old would want without her prying father looking over her all the time. She couldnt wait to be reunited with her friends again who all seemed to be going to Diagon Alley early too. As she finished breakfast she went outside with her trunk and held out her hand. A huge bang was heard and the purple Knight bus appeared...
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